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Friday, February 10, 2006

The Hunt..

After last month’s fiasco, Natalie have been desperately trying to find a suitable place to live. Everything that even looks remotely like a property magazine gets picked up and taken home to be studied closely. You would swear we were birds looking for nest lining or something-we could certainly line a nest big enough to house human-sized eggs with all of these mags. As well as the magazines, I’ve been paying regular visits to various property sites, and subscribing to every property notification service I can find, to no avail.

We are constantly reminded by the media that South Africa is in a property boom, and that the rental market is in a slump because it’s so ‘cheap’ to buy that no-one wants to rent. Why is it, then, that there seem to be so few places to rent (in the areas that interest us at least), and when we do find something, it gets snapped up before we even have a chance to look at it. Yesterday I picked up the Junkmail, and found two places that interested me, I called up the agent and arranged to have a look at one yesterday evening (the current tenant apparently only got home at 7), and another this morning. By the time we got there last night - round about 7:45 right after our dance lessons – the place had already been taken!

Anyone that thinks house-hunting is ‘fun’, ‘exciting’ or even ‘romantic’ is seriously smoking something. It’s painful, frustrating and stressful. Bah Humbug!

So if anyone has a nice 2-3 bedroom townhouse with 2 bathrooms and a nice garden in Monument Park or Lynnwood, I’d love to know about it. Anyone..? Pleeeease?



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