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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Flying High

While I was growing up, I spent a heck of a lot of time around airfields and aircraft, specifically microlights. This is because my dad is an ardent (obsessive?) flyer. He is also a microlight instructor, and recently he started offering flying lessons to international visitors. This came about after we met up with a group of German tourists paragliding off the hills near where we were holidaying in Croatia. They got to chatting to my dad, and being the blindly hospitible guy he is, he suggested the give him a call if they ever come to visit South Africa. Well as it turned out, they did call-and the rest is history. He now hosts a couple of tourists every year, and they learn to fly while seeing a bit of the African countryside. Personally I think he should be charging them a whackload of money, and making a living out of it, but as things stand, he basically lets them just get away with a meagre fee.

Anyway, one of the guys he has tought has set up a sort of 'fan site' with photos and info, and it's actually worth a look. It's quite interesting and has some really great shots taken from the microlight. It's all in German, but Google does a reasonably good job of translating it. Visit it at


Sci said...

ooooh! I want 2 fly!! I've been skydiving before, only twice. :-D


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