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Monday, February 06, 2006

Hot Java Beans

The new version of NetBeans (5.0), the award-winning Java IDE that we use for our J2ME development at smallfry mobile is available from the NetBeans website. NetBeans is an awesome free IDE, including all the good stuff you'd expect from an industry-standard development environment, such as code completion, library based compilation, integrated help, source control integration, a good project system and lots, lots more. When combined with the optional Mobility Pack, it becomes one of the most powerful, fully functional mobile (J2ME) development environments available, with a preprocessor (yes.. a preprocessor in Java, if you need to ask why, you've obviously never tried to develop for the massive variety of resource-limited J2ME devices out there :P), project configuration support for everything from code versions to resources and even a WYSIWYG editor for MIDP2 program flow.
As I said the IDE is free, and you can either download it directly from the NetBeans site or order a CD with the IDE and all the optional components (the Mobility pack, as well as a profiler and application server).



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