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Friday, February 17, 2006

Another comic catastrophe waiting to happen?

The BBC News website is carrying a story about a new Batman adventure that will see the Dark Night take on Osama Bin Laden. Frank Miller, the artist writing the ‘Holy Terror’ story openly labels it as American propaganda, and points out that in the past comic book heroes such as Superman and Captain America appeared in similarly ‘current’ storylines that saw them taking on real-world ‘villains’ of the time.

Considering the recent violent uproar in Muslim communities over a series of political cartoons blasphemously depicting their prophet, Mohammed, as a terrorist bomber, one wonders what the reaction to such a comic book would be. Granted, Osama Bin Laden is hardly a religion icon to all Muslims, and is despised by the vast majority of them for smearing the name of Muslims in general, however the group that do support him and the al-Qaeda terrorist group are decidedly more militant and violent than most.



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