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Monday, December 06, 2004

smallfrymobile is Live

After much delay, is registered and up and running. This is the site for the mobile game and application company/team that I co-founded with an ex-colleague from I-Imagine.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

No. More. Joburg. Interviews.

I am slowly moving closer to defining exactly what i want in a job. Yesterday I added 'no long commutes' to the list. After taking over an hour to get to an interview (and arriving there half an hour late) I decided it's just not worth it. I did it before, but that was for games - a special case. Never again.
After giving it some more thought, it actually amazes me how many people are willing to commute. It seems so rediculous... every morning thousands of people haead from Joburg to work in pretoria, and just as many people head off from Pretoria to jobs in Joburg! Why not just swap jobs. Wouldn't that be interesting.. just reassign Joburg jobs to people living in Joburg, and Pretoria jobs to those living in Pretoria. The roads would be less congested, people would generally be happier, and there would be a whole lot more disposable cash floating around (instead of being wasted on fuel and vehicle maintenance). Aaaah, utopian dreams!

Monday, October 18, 2004

She's very sick

Natalie got very sick on her way down to Natal this weekend and now she's in hospital and I'm worrying myself sick about her! It's so strange for me. I'm used to being the one who is visited in hospital, not the one visiting! And I feel so helpless, it's terrible. I can't do anything about it.

Friday, September 10, 2004

The time wasting powers of the web

Sheesh, as cool as the web is, it has an amazing power to suck all productivity out of a person. If I look at what I have achieved at work over the past couple of weeks, compared to what I probably got done if it weren't for all the cool time-sucking stuff like blogs and forums, it really is quite scary. It's so easy to get lost in the ocean of information provided by forums and mailing lists, never mind the actual meat of the web, informative personal and commercial pages. I really have to start scheduling my web time. Not just yet, there's such an interesting discussion going on at the Nag forums..

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Animal poisoning bastards

Image Hosted by Why does God create the kind of mindless pricks that are capable of killing animals?
When I was still a baby, my grandfather gave my parents a little Daschund puppy. He got named Angus, and he was my best friend in the world as I grew up. We would disappear in the veld together for hours, and (from what my parents tell me) the only way they could see where I was, was by watching for Angus. Being so short, he would hop from place to place, to be able to get a glimpse over the long grass and see where he was. One evening when I was about five or six, Angus didn't come back from his evening 'walk'. We found him the next morning in the ivy, panting short breaths and weak, he had been shot with a pellet gun. We took him to a vet, and after operating, the vet assured us Angus would be as good as new in no time. Except he wasn't, the vet had missed a tiny piece of the pellet, and Angus died a few days later because of it.

Move on a few years (ok, decades) to today, I'm still nuts about Daschunts, though these days I prefer cats, of which we had four. Note I say had. Over the past six months, we have lost three of our four cats. Not to neglect or natural causes, but to poisoning! Some schmuck has been poisoning animals in our townhouse complex (two other cats and a dog also died). Two weeks ago, my favourite cat, a geriatric ginger pavement-special, died while convulsing in pain from the poison. Last night I wake up to Gizmo (grey and white mixbreed) getting sick in my room. By this morning his pupils have dilated to the size of dinner plates, and he is hiding from the light. I rushed him off to the vet and now he's on a drip, hopefully he'll pull through.

What person in their right mind can do this to an animal? Why would you want to!? What harm could a cat possibly cause someone that is so bad they are willing to kill the poor thing?

Friday, September 03, 2004

Blog what?

Right, so blogs seem to be all the rage. I've finally set mine up.. I just hope I remember the address ;)


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