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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

People suck.

You know, I'm generally a very diplomatic and friendly person. I go out of my way to help people and make others happy. Yes, I'm a pleaser, so it really hits me hard whenever I am faced with inconsiderate and selfish people. I also don't get angry very easily and I often field a joke or too about the way I speak (my choice of words and avoidance of swearwords. Well, this morning someone managed to really dent my faith in humanity, get me fuming, and get me swearing profusely (only in emails and IMs mind you).
A little while ago, I posted about the fact that Natalie and I had found the perfect place for use to stay. She was due to move in early in Feb (after her Birthday-her mother couldn't bare to not have her at home for one last Birthday) and that I would move in after the wedding (and honeymoon) in April. Well that plan has been shattered by the evil BITCH (there, I said it) that is the current tenant. She informed the landlord this morning that she no longer wants to move out, and will be staying on. That's right, 5 days before she'd due to month, this schizo chick screws Natalie and I over in one fell swoop! What am I going to do about it, you ask? Well sadly there isn't a whole lot I can do. I signed the lease agreement and paid the deposit a week ago, but it turns out that the owner hasn’t signed the agreement yet, so it's not binding! And he and the estate agent (Pam Golding in Menlyn, in case anyone from any consumer activism group happens to be reading this by some miracle) didn't dot their 'I's and cross their 'T's and ensure that there was paperwork confirming she would move out. They accepted lease offers without any formal written intent by the woman to move out! I have thrown my toys as far out of the cot I can, and told the agent that she and the owner need to make every reasonable effort to get that tenant out, but there's really not much else I can do. Just when everything seems to be going so damn well, this sort of CRAP happens.
Wow. Count the swear words in that post!

Since I'm already pissed about this and feel like knocking on someone, I may as well pick the closest target-blogger. The service is free, and there are some awesome tools, but one or two little irritations really bugged me more than usual today because of the circumstances.. For one, why cant I MoBlog from South Africa? It really sucks that it's exclusive to American networks! Couldn't they set up a number that any MMS could be sent to from overseas? The other irritation is the lack of image support in Mail-To-Blog. That's why all my posts are so bland, I like the convenience of posting by just sending an email, it gives me the freedom to use a nice editor and spellchecker, and I can slowly add bits and pieces between compiles and so on. I am now trying my luck by writing this post in plain text, in the hope that I can just add html tags and blogger will ignore them. Lets see:

Finally, I added a few more userbars, these things are strangely addictive, I even used to create some custom ones. I moved all the bars down a bit-I don't want to go hiding my archives from the droves of interested readers.. Ok, you can stop laughing now! And I added a 'Wallpaper of the day' script from

Oh well, it didn;t work, I had to go onto plogspot and manually edit the damned thing after all..



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