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Sunday, May 15, 2011

iSkinned with Decalgirl

When I still had a PSP, the thing attracted dirt and fingerprints like mad and it felt like I spent more time cleaning it than playing on it. I tried a couple of skin solutions, but they all had some issue or other-too thick so the analog stick got blocked, began peeling off too easily, etc. Then I stumbled on, read rave reviews about their skins and decided to import a kit. It turned out to be a great choice, and together with a screen guard changed the way I used my PSP.
So when @justinpaver was going to be heading over from the states for a visit I jumped at the chance to have him bring some decalgirl skins over.
In addition to skinning my and Nat's phones, I got a skin kit for my MacBook too.
Applying the skins is not a task to be rushed, I had to set aside about 30 minutes per device. The phone kits also come with a code for a matching desktop background, which is pretty cool (pity the same isn't available for the MacBook). The result is pretty cool, and with no sticky residue being left behind on the devices after the covers are removed, it's a great way to keep them in good nick.

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