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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

AIBO Euthanized

As part of large scale restructuring in a bid to swing around the company's financial struggles, Sony has announced that they have discontinued new product research into entertainment robots. AIBO, the popular robot dog that retails for around $1700 and it's lesser known humanoid cousin, the QRIO, will no longer be produced.

The AIBO is probably the single most recognized consumer robot on the market, and it's a real pity to see it go. The little guy seemed to be an indicator that all sorts of other consumer robot pets and helpers might be just around the corner, but perhaps that's not true.

Of course I nvy anyone that has an AIBO or two stashed away, I could imagine the eBay price on an AIBO will skyrocket within the next few months..


Sci said...

The age of the robots has arrived, can't wait to see what we have in a few years.

It seems the only limiting factor right now is mobility, the robots still stumble around like puppets on a string, I wonder how far the cybernetic limbs have progressed, last I heard they were able to get a limb to respond to snapses firing of an ape.

Flint said...

Has it? This would appear to indicate otherwise.

As for cybernetic prosthetics, I watched a show on robotics recently on discovery, and some psych researcher has had a serial port grafted onto his arm. He uses it to control an external robotic arm.. and obviously since it's just a serial port, he can attach it to any kind of new contraption he wants to. So it seems the answer it yes, it is already possible to control mechanical limbs through the human nervous system. Even if it is a bit 'icky' :P

Sci said...

LOL well at least it beats the old chip in the head!! Amazing the tech that we live with today, I can't wait to see what we have in 10 years time. My kids *if I have any* will proberly be attending school though a virtual gateway. o.O!

Flint said...

Kids? By that time won't it be clones :p

Sci said...

HAHA! Noit man, if there were more of me around, the world would be doomed :P!

Justin said...

Well, I was very keen to get the QRIO. It could play catch, dance and when you tried to knock it over it would take a step back and correct itself. Awesome! ;)


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