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Thursday, January 26, 2006


Now how's that for a misleading title? It may seem like a really silly, obvious, and self obsessed statement, but it's actually all about Instant Messaging, clever eh? Ok, so it really is silly and pointless. Anyway, the point of this post is that today I tried a new IM program called Miranda, it's an open source app-which really means nothing to me, I couldn't care less as long as it's free! It also supports all the IM systems I use. Up till now I have been running both Trillian (for MSN, YIM and ICQ) and GoogleTalk, and the inefficiency of that just bothers me! Now I have an app that supports all those supported by Trillian, as well as GoogleTalk, without having to pay for a 'pro' version. Yay :)

This is also my first 'Blog this' post from the google taskbar. It's not exactly a big deal.. but maybe this system will let me display images without logging into the blogspot site?

Finally, just in case you were wondering, yes I'm still EXTREMELY pissed off at that cow that took our house. Had to say it. Bleh!


lucybencon03930164 said...

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Sci said...

Another IM?? atm, I'm using googletalk, msn, yim, xfire - which helps with joining saix games.

I must say the most impressive one is google talk, small package & excellent voice quality.

Flint said...

I don't know Xfire, but I have contacts on MSN, GoogleTalk, YIM, AIM and ICQ, and besides most of them (except Gtalk) being bloody BIG and UGLY, I can't stand the idea of having so many IM apps running in the systray. Trillian let me use all but Gtalk in one client, but this lets me use ALL of them in one app.

I'll look for an Xfire plugin tomorrow when Miranda's site maintenance is over

As for voice, I don't use it often, but yeah GTalk's is excellent. I'll just start it up when I need to ;)


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