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Monday, February 19, 2007


Our new game PlikPla is finally available! The files have actually been good to go for ages, but since OP wanted to wait a while to release in time for Easter (check the screenshot to the right, you’ll see why :) ), I dragged my feet about getting it up on ClickGamer as well. Anyway, we now have the demo and the full version available from them. This game is pretty much 100% Krusty’s doing, I did little more than help with the look and feel decisions and a few gameplay suggestions. Check out the links and try it!


In other news, I am about ready to throw my ‘360 controller at something or someone.. preferably causing major bodily harm in the process. I got the Gears of War collectors edition last year at the press launch as a freebie, and just before my 360 packed up and had to be swapped out, the disk started giving issues. It took me until January to take the thing in for resurfacing, after which I restarted the game on hardcore. Well, it turns out the problem is more serious than just some scratches that could be solved by resurfacing (which makes sense since I treat my disks like gold, and I just don’t understand how it could have become scratched). I have now reached a point in the game where I simply can’t progress because the 360 keeps complaining that the disk is unreadable. It really is frustrating since I so badly want to finish the game. Out of sheer desperation yesterday I gave up and decided to play some Perfect Dark instead-bad idea. PDZ was never the best looking 360 launch title, and after playing Gears of War it is simply horrendous by comparison, not just in the looks department, but in terms of sound, gameplay, voice acting, presentation, everything. Grrr. Freaking GRRRRRR!


Justin Paver said...

Congrats on your uh, fifth? title guys - although I notice it's not on the page. And what have *YOU* been working on Matt? :)

Flint said...

If you include Demolish it's our fifth, but then technically that's Diorgo's game ;)

And to be honest I haven't been working on much in terms of actual coding or anything. I have been packaging the games up for Orange Pixel (our publisher), but that's not exactly hardcore.

We'll see, maybe after everything to do with BrikLink, PlikPla and Abyss (yeah, still some behind the scenes business wrangling going on for Abyss) is sorted out, I'll get into something. Of course the fact that my laptop has slowed down to a crawl for some reason (despite being newly installed a few months ago) doesn't make me that enthusiastic.


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