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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Miracles do happen

Three working days. That’s all it has taken Telkom to activate my ADSL connection on my line. I could hardly believe it when they called me to let me know it was activated. Ok I didn’t believe it at all, I called Natz and got her to turn on the router and see if the ‘Internet’ light came on, and it did. So now I’ve ordered my ISP account from WebAfrica (what an awesome, awesome site they have, that is how simple things should be to do online), and tonight I should be connecting my 360 to Live from home-just to check connectivity of course :p


It seems all this scary price competition from MTN, Sentech and iBurst –each of whom made their broadband offerings more attractive in some way in the last two weeks- has lit a fire under the evil monopoly’s ass. They also now offer a free ‘modem’ (actually a four port router with a build in WiFi AP) with the self install option, saving those who self install a sum total of a little over a grand. Let’s hope they drop wholesale bandwidth prices sometime soon as well-then I might even be able to sign in to second life at home J



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