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Thursday, February 22, 2007


FlintBeika, originally uploaded by FlintZA.

I don't know what it is about Second Life that fascinates em so much. Our lousy broadband here kind of prevents me from enjoying it fully, but I can't help be interested. I signed in again yesterday for the first time in ages, and took a different approach, finding some decent places that actually had new people willing to help and cat a bit. I really wish I could get into it properly.
Anyway, here is a shot of my in game avatar, Flint Beika. Despite the flexibility SL allows, I haven't gone for a very unusual look at all (except for the wings-I always wanted to have wings).


Justin Paver said...

...and the muscles ... :)


ouch I deserved that...

Andrew said...

Hehe :)

I suspect that second life is one of those games that I shouldn't try because I'll become addicted!

Flint said...

The muscles are still human, by unusual I mean-well.. you'd have to check out SL to understand. If you think WoW allows a lot of avatar customization you aint seen nothing yet. There really are no limits in that regard in SL. And some of it is so cool too. Check out this dragon familiar that can ride around on your shoulder
Check out this dragon familiar that can ride around on your shoulder.

As for getting addicted, yeah, if I had an uncapped, unshaped ADSL connection I think I'd be in trouble

Flint said...

grr.. stupid comment thing won't let me edit out mistakes.

Andrew said...

Cool dragon, but I'd prefer it the other way around... I don't want no weeny dragon sitting on my shoulder; I want to be riding the dragon whilst crushing the citizens of Second life beneath it's taloned feet!

Now that would be cool!

Flint said...

Oh you can do that too, there are 'vehicles' in Second Life as well, so I'm pretty sure someone has created a 'flyable' dragon

Justin Paver said...

can you get guns as well? you could implement the projectiles as mini vehicles that spawn from another vehicle ;)

Flint said...

Yup, there are weapons. The second life scripting language gives you access to physics forces, so people create bombs and guns that emit a push. Of course uncontrolled use of this could cause havoc, so there are certain in world areas where use of stuff like that isn't allowed.

Access to stuff like this (and lots more) through their scripting language and modeling tools is one of the things that makes SL so fascinating, there are so many games-within-the-game it's amazing. Apparently there's even a full on MMORPG that basically just uses SL as a 'host'.


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