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Monday, February 26, 2007

In game advertising

FlintBeikaSmallfryMobile1_004, originally uploaded by FlintZA.

While signed in to Second Life on Friday, I met a guy called Tenebrous Pau (in game that is) who is busy learning the SL creation tools, and makes himself custom T shirts as part of that. He agree do make a T with the smallfry logo and colours from the website, and here is the outstanding result.
Thanks to Tenebrous (sitting on the left) for the shirt, and the lovely Peyton Bailey (middle, leaning on the bar) who agreed to model with us. Behind her in the funky alien avatar, playing bartender is Brin Leigh. I have no idea who the guy is in the hat and scarf, he snuck into the photo ;)

(for better front and back views of the shirt, lick the link to my flickr page)


Justin Paver said...

Someone always has to ruin the photo, don't they?

... usually it's me ;)

Flint said...

For all we know that WAS you. Second Life stalker!!!

Tenebrous Pau said...

Suprising he didn't have a 'Hello Mom' sign :D

Flint said...

He's a newbie. He attached it to the back of his head..


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