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Friday, October 07, 2005

rAge on!

I didn’t get to posting this yesterday.. work and all that.

The annual rAge (really AWESOME gaming event) Expo was held at The Dome in Northgate this past weekend (the weekend of October 1st). rAge is an expo dedicated to all things gaming, and is the largest event of it’s kind in Africa. It includes exhibitors from the hardware, software and gaming culture arenas. Besides including a 700 man open LAN (which I attended for the first time this year), there are official competitions in all the major competitve games as part of the WCG qualifiers track (or something, I don’t know much about ‘pro’ gaming lingo). Also on the competitive gaming side of things, the ‘World’s Number One Gamer’, Fatal!ty made an appearance, and was challenged (in vain) by a number of local hopefuls aiming to win the R20000 cash prize available to anyone that could beat him.

rAge has also become a regular calendar spot for Magic: The Gathering players, and besides the usual pro tournament, this year’s rAge also played host to the launch of a new expansion pack for the popular card based RPG. Once again this year there was also an Anime screen playing a variety of scheduled anime films, and South Africa’s new Anime magazine.. erm.. (ah hell I forget the name ;)) was also launched at rAge.

New to rAge this year was a Game.Dev series of talks (one of which yours truly presented) and I believe this will be the first of many great events on this topic.

The amount of stuff on show at the event this year was simply mind boggling, and I could go on for pages and pages trying to list it all.. A simpler approach is to point you in the direction of the Official rAge Website!



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