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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Stupid reviewers..

I bought a copy of MediEvil Resurrection for the PSP recently from, and it arrived yesterday (quite a bit sooner than expected, to my pleasant surprise).

Graphically, it’s got a really nice colourful look and feel, with a sort of ‘slanty’ style that is reminiscent of Tim Burton’s classic stop motion film A Nightmare Before Christmas (which I recently bought on DVD too.. I never get sick of that movie). In fact I suspect the original game’s style was intentionally fashioned after that movie, though it’s much less dark. This ‘wackiness’ carries through to the characters and dialogue. The game’s voice acting is really well done, and adds to the great sense of humor presented by every other element. The music, while certainly good, does not quite seem to suit the rest of the game-I would have expected something a bit more lively but the developers apparently decided that a slightly haunting classical soundtrack was to be the order of the day.

The only two elements of the game I could criticize at this point are the camera, which suffers from the usual problems present in most games of this type (namely choosing to point in exactly the wrong direction when you really need it to behave because you’re fighting some or other zombie) and the control which, while functional, could have done with some extra thought. For example you may need to switch weapons a number of times in a level-but there is no way to do this other than opening up your inventory and selecting the weapon you need.

Overall, I would rate this title quite well based on what I have played so far-which is why I chose the title I did for this article. How did these fool reviewers manage to give the game an average of 67% when they give something as boring as Lumines an average score of 89%!? They are the sole reason I um-ed and ah-ed about buying it.. in future I know to ignore them ;)



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