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Friday, August 11, 2006

Women forging cubicles

This Wednesday was women's day in South Africa, so we had a day off in the middle of the week :) I definitely think that we should always have a four day week, and apparently quite a lot of people agree. A recent UK survey revealed that approximately 60% of respondants would rather have one less working day a week than have more money. Results were similar when asked it's readers the same question. We can all dream.

To snap back to reality, here is a hilarious parody of James Blunt's Beautiful. Just be warned, it might just strike a little close to home ;)

Forging on
On a more serious note, thanks to the wonderful service provided by we have been able to circumvent Telkom's evil IP resetting policy on ADSL (always on broadband my ass!) and now have a permanently available server using Krusty's ADSL connection at home. He made good use of that by setting up a SourceForge server to host our Smallfry development. This is already turning out to be a great move, thanks to the SourceForge CVS server, and the excellent CVS integration in NetBeans, we now have a really robust and useful collaberative source control system. Another fantastic (and really useful) feature of the server is task management. no more silly little scraps of paper that get lost of obscure emails that take forever to search for, we now have a proper task, issue and bug tracking system (that has great email update options as well). There are loads of other useful features as well.



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