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Friday, August 18, 2006

Good news and maybe-good news

Well I’ve been burning a bit of midnight oil on BBQT, as well as working on it during lunch at work, and the progress has been good. It is all but complete (except for a merge of some of Chris’s stuff) so this weekend I’m hoping to spend some time fixing up our website and adding BBQT to it. I’ll also be adding builds of BBQT, Demolish and Abyss to ClickGamer so we can finally sell our own games from our own website-and wapsite. On top of that, Chris is almost done with our next game as well, an arcade puzzler called Brik-Link. Exciting times! Then it’s on to the grind of contacting distributors, demanding money, and offering them the new titles.


Falling again

One of my all time favorite bands, Evanescence, is finally releasing a new album. It’s called The Open Door and will be hitting stores in the US in early October. Hopefully we’ll be seeing it here soon as well. The first track from the album, Call Me When You’re Sober is streamable from their website. Thanks to pfangirl for mentioning this in her blog, or I would have been oblivious to it.


ICASA Finally showing some backbone

ICASA released it’s broadband regulations this week, with a mixed response. Since the regulations do not seem to actually address any pricing issues, customers were pretty much up in arms about it. They did notice and welcome a few long overdue items such as the removal of all port-shaping and unlimited local bandwidth, as well as a couple of service related items like a maximum delivery time of 30 days and the imposition of minimum connection speeds. The largest issue remains that of the inflated cost of ADSL and it seemed to go largely unaddressed. ICASA have however clarified some of the wording in the regulations, and it seems that the monthly line rental charged by Telkom (and which currently makes up a significant portion of the cost of ADSL) will quite possibly have to be dropped. Numerous questions remain, as it’s quite likely that Telkom will try and get around this somehow, but it seems there is some light at the end of the tunnel. I’ll take the same stance as many customers seem to have a dopted-that of ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’, but hopefully this time around ICASA will prove they are actually worth something. Heck-I might even be able to afford a broadband connection!


Justin Paver said...

Hm, hopefully the South African internet user will no longer be oppressed by Telkom.

Also, I'm really looking forward to seeing a smallfry website update (and the games of course!) :)

Flint said...

Well it's not a massive update (same look and feel) but the focus will move more towards the games ;)

As for Telkom, we'll just have to see. They are such experts in effing their customers* up the ass, I'm sure they'll find a way around the regulations and keep at it.

*'customers': a.k.a. prisoners, suckers, victims..


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