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Friday, August 04, 2006

rAge, the new E3 and Game.DEv

It looks like the PSP/DS LAN at rAge is going to be a hell of a lot of fun. Some of the guys from Rebound (who organize WiFi gaming tournaments) will be joining us while they're up here attending the expo, which will just add to the fun. The more the merrier! I really hope that I meet up with some folks that would be interested in making this a regular event!

E3 Refocuses
The big news of the week in the gaming world is undoubtedly the announcement that E3 will be changing formats. Contrary to doomsday reports last week claiming the show has been cancelled, it is simply undergoing a (massive) overhaul. Prompted by skyrocketing exhibitor costs and diminishing percieved value, show organizers (the Entertainment Software Association) have announced that the show will be renamed the E3 Media Festival , moved later in the year and become more 'intimate'.
Reactions to this announcement have of course been mixed. While larger industry players and journalists are applauding the move towards an event that will focus more on getting business done, fans have expressed less positive reactions.
The reality of the situation is that E3 is supposed to be a trade show first and formost, and while it's great for fans that somehow manage to wrangle tickets to ogle booth babes and demos of unreleased games, that doesn't really contribute to the event's goals. I can understand the desire for a more business oriented event that will allow developers, publishers, buyers and media to get their jobs done without having to spend a fortune on fluff. It also allows focus to be spread across multiple events.
That's not to say I won't miss the insane excitement that each year's (traditional) E3 usually generates online, with too many videos and articles available for any one person to process..

Game.Dev competition 10 offers big prizes
As Justin blitzed in the comments to my last post (thanks dude :p), the latest competition being run by the Game.Dev community on the NAG forums has been announced, and for this incarnation NAG have sponsored a total of R10000 worth of prizes! The competition challenges entrants to come up with a management game, which is already resulting in some really interesting ideas.
In addition to this, Game.Dev now has it's own webspace, independant of NAG, to be found HERE.



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