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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I'm selling stuff!

Against my hoarding instinct, I've decided to sell off some of the stuff that's taking up space and not getting used. For now the following is it, I'll add more books and some Xbox games in a later post. Help me find good homes for my precious goodies please (and while you're at id contribute to the Xbox 360 fund) :)

1. Box 'O' Mags

Not to be mistaken for the NAG survey's Box 'O' stuff, this is a box of about 80 gaming mags from the 90s (everything from Sega Pro to Edge to OPM). I'll also throw in about 10 comics from the early 90s when marvel made an attempt to publish in SA. Make an offer for this little piece of gaming history and take a walk down memory lane ;)

2. Books

All paperback, all in excellent condition.

-Terry Pratchett: Thief of Time

-Kim Stanly Robinson: Antarctica

-Dan Simmons: Ilium

3. PC Games

All in original packaging and in mint condition. In the case of older games this obviously means cardboard boxes, newer stuff is in DVD cases. All manuals, key sheets, etc still in the boxes.

-Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

-Black and White 2


-Deus Ex

-Command and Conquer: Generals

-BattleZone 2

-Empire Earth

-Syndicate Wars

-The Sims

-Aliens vs Predator

-Homeworld Cataclysm

-Emporer: Battle for Dune

-Metal Gear Solid

-Theme Park World

-Crusader: No Regret

-X: Beyond the frontier

-Black and White



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