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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I Do..

Or at least 'I will'. As the Pastor said to us jokingly at our wedding rehearsal: 'Only the Americans do that "I Do" stuff'. On 25th March 2006 (at about 4:45pm) I joined the married men club. We had an absolutely awesome wedding, which everyone appeared to enjoy. We had loads of our friends and family with us on the day and both the ceremony and reception were fantastic. I have always felt that sincerity and happiness are far more important elements on a wedding day than the pomp and ceremony that seems to dominate so many these days, and the love and warmth was tangible in the air that day.. Thanks to everyone that made it, as well as those that offered their thoughts and kinds words-more than the flowers and music and pressies and everything, you lot are what made the day special for us. Here are a couple of pics from the day, courtesy of our good friends Gideon (aka SomeNoOne) and Roy:

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I'll get more images up when I have some, unfortunately you wait a while for the official photo's so I'll be depending on friends and family before we get those-which doesn't bother me since I prefer those impromptu shots anyway ;)
The honeymoon was also fantastic, we spent two weeks in Croatia touring the sights. I won't say too much about it here, I'll rather do a few followup posts with photos and stuff, I really couldn't do it justice in one post (besides, you'd get really bored). On the down side, my hopes of returning with an Xbox 360 were dashed, it turns out that Croatia is as neglected by MS in the console department as we are. I replaced my PSP at a slightly lower price than I would pay in SA though (and I'll be claiming the tax back as well, which should help). Strangely the PS2 games there were dirt cheap, but PSP games were at about the same price point as here, if not more.
So now Nats and I have moved into our new place as hubby and whiff, and are slowly discovering exactly what we're still missing in terms of household implements (such as a bread board..). We're still honeymoon happy, and I hope we'll stay that way, it will of course take a lot of effort on our parts-work is already starting to dictate our routines again and it's easy to fall into the trap of neglecting one another. To Nats: I love you grondboonjie! (don't ask)



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