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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Back in the habit

Some honeymoon photos

Ok, so I promised a day-by-day account.. I’ll get there, but right now you’ll just have to settle for the few photos I uploaded to my Flickr account. This is just a tiny selection of the huge number of photos I had developed from the trip (yes, I’m still using an analog camera, so sue me). We’re also getting our official wedding photos back today, so this is going to be a serious photo review weekend ;)

And some tech stuff

I have been looking for a convenient way to copy music to my PSP for ages now, with now luck. Samuel recommended I try iTunes Agent, and I have to say it does a great job. I’ve never really given iTunes a second thought, being a Windows Media Player fan (shut up all you WinAmp fanbois-I used WinAmp ubtil they introduced version 3 and lost the plot, now WMP has all those functions anyway!). IA however has given me a good reason to switch players, and in doing so I have discovered the wonders of podcasts-particularly video podcasts. Now I’m not new to the idea by any means, but it’s amazing how convenient and easy iTunes makes it to find and subscribe to podcasts. My only gripe is that I still end up having to use PSP video 9 to convert the video podcasts and rename them for copying to my PSP. I have requested renaming and moving functionality from the nice chap responsible for IA, but it’s a big change to his app, so I don’t expect to see it added any time soon, if at all. I wish I had the time to write my own PSP utility application.

Happy Easter everyone, and may the Good Lord’s blessings be upon you all at this amazing and special time!



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