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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

What I want after Christmas..

Gamespot has a great piece on their most anticipated games for the upcoming year (well, at least their various staff members' most anticipated games). I can certainly agree with a lot of their projections, especially the Xbox and mobile ones. If I had to compile a list some of those I'm most looking for, it would look something like this:
GTA: San Andreas (Xbox)
What can I say, I enjoyed GTA3 and Vice City, and there have been nothing but good reviews of the next instalment in the series. To be honest the crime theme really doesn't appeal to me, but Rockstar do an awesome job of storytelling through an amazingly well balanced game dynamic.Since I don't have a PS2, I'll just have to wait until the Xbox versions comes out-besides, then I can use the custom soundtracks feature ;)
Halflife 2 (Xbox)
Ok, this may be a wishful thinking, and one might have thought I learned my lesson with the shockingly bad Unreal 2 port, but not all PC-console ports are bad. I've been drooling over shots of the PC version for ages, and while the Xbox is definitely low-spec'd in terms of today's PC standards, it can hardly be compared to an equivalent PC. In addition to this, the HL2 engine is supposedly brilliant at accommodating comparatively low-spec machines.
Brothers in Arms (Xbox)
When I watched last year's E3 developer demo of this title I just about wet myself. Everything about it looks amazing. The commentary by the guys demoing the game was sad, to say the least, but that doesn't make the game any less droolworthy!
Destroy All Humans (Xbox)
It's like a videogame version of Mars Attacks! What's not to look forward to?I just can't wait to unleash the devastating (but comedic) powers of a stereotypical Roswell grey alien on the witless humans in Pandemic's open-ended reproduction of 50's USA. It's just a pity it's not a modern-day setting with George W Bush as the prime target.. I'd love to use a fancy laser weapon on ol' dubya's ass.
Doom 3 (Xbox)
Now don't get me wrong. I'm no Doom fan, but the screenshots just look so damn gorgeous! Xbox owners also get treated to co-op play,and co-op anything is good :)
Star Wars Battlefields (Xbox)
All the classic Star Wars battles, with all the cool vehicles like speeders, X-Wings a Tie Fighters. Again, what's NOT to look forward to :)
Wipeout Pure (PSP)
Ok, so I don't own a PSP, and it's not likely I'll get my hands on one this year, but when I do, this will be the first title I buy for it. I have always loved the Wipeout series, it was the first racer I actually enjoyed, and until NFS went Underground, it was the only series to give the player such a phenomenal sense of speed that eyelids became a very real liability (as the really cool ad campaign pointed out). It also had an incredibly cool control system that just felt so right that I'm sure the first real hover-sleds invented will use the same system. I'm also a sucker for a well-polished product, and every single wipeout title has had a level of polish that no other series in any genre has even come close to.
In hardware terms I will of course be keeping a close eye on what Microsoft is up to. I am a total Xbox fanboy (duh) and I can hardly wait to see what will be achieved with it's successor. I am really (naively) hoping for backward compatibility and that the rumours of the hard drive being dropped turn out to be wrong. But those are minor issues- as long as they give us another great machine (hopefully in a smaller box this time), I'll be happy. Oh, some top-notch games to play on it would be nice too, of course ;-)



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