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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Doing it at home

Continuing on the theme of 'useful stuff', I thought I would mention one of my current favourite sites It's a really great site that aims to get coders together with potential 'employers' that have small to medium projects they want completed. These do not involve any on-site work, meaning it's a great way to pick up some extra work on the side, and also to learn new skills. Unfortunately, due to the fact that PayPal doesn't support South African bank accounts, a chunk ends up being taken out of the money the developer earns for registered postage of payment, but since payment can be held back until a certain amount has been reached, this is ok.
The available jobs are conveniently sorted into categories including everything from standard web development to game and mobile development. Some people even post their homework assignments in the hope of some ethically challenged coder on the site doing it for them (for a fee of course-apparently kids in America make WAY too much pocket money ;)).
Another nice touch is the RSS feed that can be used to keep tabs on new jobs. It's possible to be updated on all new jobs, or to filter the jobs by the same categories mentioned above. And that filtering is definitely necessary! There are easily 30+ new jobs posted every day. So if you are keen on making some extra cash- or give up the day job totally and look for a home-based alternative, RentACoder is a great way to start!



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