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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nokia, jad files and "Compulsory attributes missing"

I ran into a ridiculous issue today I thought I'd share the solution to in the hope that it saves someone else some grey hairs.
I brought in my Nokia N95 and N96 to test our latest project on. I loaded up the deployment page, clicked the appropriate jad link, and was faced with a "Compulsory attributes missing" error, with no description of what these attributes might be.
I pored over the jad, along with one from another project that worked, adde and removed various attributes, all with no effect. I trawled forum threads like this one in the hope of finding some mysterious Nokia specific attribute I needed to fill in.
Finally it dawned on me that yesterday we started using the project's subversion revision as the micro part (major.minor.micro) of the MIDlet-Version attribute, and I tried setting this back to a single digit. Bingo!
It turns out that while other manufacturers devices seem to have no problem with three digit version elements, Nokias will fail to read the jar correctly if any element is longer than two digits.

0.1.0 - ok
2.31.45 - ok
2.345.6 - not ok
123.456.789 - not ok

So much for tying builds to revisions..

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