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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gautrain Simulator

The following is taken from the "Gautrain Simulator Fact Sheet" document:

"Highly trained and motivated staff are core to any efficient railway system and consequently both the initial and ongoing training of staff are receiving high priority within the Gautrain environment.

The first of nearly 50 train drivers have already graduated from the Bombela Operating Company’s training program and have been trained to high levels of technical skill and competence.

 An innovative part of this program is a computerized driving simulator which allows the trainee to gain “hands-on” experience of the functionality of the on-board signalling system (Automatic Train Protection - ATP) and acquire the skills necessary to react properly to the information and orders given by the ATP through the train cab Multi Function Speed Display (MFSD).

Thus, the Gautrain simulator has been designed as a representation of the train driving cab with its main functionalities and with real fittings from the train, such as the seat, the traction/brake controller and the buttons. A full representation of the train cab MFSD has been computerized on a touch screen.

The Gautrain simulator allows simulation of various ATP’s driving modes, from the normal driving mode (full supervision mode) to the degraded driving mode (proceed with caution, pass stop mode), including emergency scenarios. The main incidents that may occur on the Gautrain system have been also implemented on this simulator so as to be tested and learned by the drivers.

Two trainees can be trained simultaneously on the two “trainee stations” installed. Six other “attending trainees” are allowed to follow the exercises played by the two trainees, thanks to three plasma screens in the training room. Two instructors manage this group of trainees.

The simulator will be used in addition to practical training, carried out on the test track."

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