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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Podcasts I’m listening to

Thanks to our office move last week and my home ADSL only being fixed yesterday after almost two weeks of downtime (I’m looking at you, Telkom and WebAfrica, I’d better get a discount this month!), the Nokia Music Store and N96 Geocaching and Navigation articles have been somewhat delayed. As a (once again, poor) substitute, in answer to @Fengol’s query, I thought I’d list the podcasts I’m listening to on my new ~45km commute, these are in the (apparently random) order in which my N96’s podcasting application lists them.

Just Vocabulary

Suggested by @tianatweets, this podcast aims to increase your English vocabulary. This could be really helpful for writers and anyone who has to get creative with the English language, and of course an expanded vocab’ couldn’t hurt the average man either.


Keeping with languages, but switching to Chinese, ChinesePod offers great resources for learning Mandarin. The lessons on their site range from the basics for newbies, to more advanced users. The radio-quality audio lessons are free, with a premium option making cd-quality lessons and supporting material such as dialog notes available. I have been working through the newbie lessons for a couple of weeks (with the goal of eventually being able to better communicate with my Tai Chi instructor), but only recently discovered the podcast, which offers a somewhat random mix of lessons from different levels. There are other language sites available in the “pod” network, including which was the first I was exposed to and is also excellent.

Slashdot Review

Probably the first podcast I ever listened to, SDR started out as a podcast reviewing daily news on the geek site Slashdot. It has since evolved to include content from Digg and other sites. What I enjoy about SDR is that it doesn’t just cover tech, but also other (equally geeky) topics from these sites.

Talk Radio 702

It may seem redundant to listen to podcasts of a radio station in my car, when I could just tune into the station, but there are some specific 702 features which are on during the workday when it’s not practical for me to listen to them. In particular I enjoy the Green Tip, Naked Scientist and Week that Wasn’t on Redi Direko’s show.

TGN: Reflections

Another one I’ve yet to listen to, Reflections is a collection of daily bible readings.

The Joystiq Podcast

The Joystiq blog is a great place to keep up with all things gaming, and their podcast is a good way to keep tabs on the big news in the gaming industry. It’s also cool hearing an SA accent in amongst the others when @LudwigK pitches in ;)

The Naked Scientists

In my high school days, Bill Nye was desperately trying to make science cool-and failing miserably. These days we have the The Naked Scientists, and I believe they do a damned good job. Besides the short Q&A session on 702, The Naked Scientists do of course have their own show covering new discoveries in science and it’s well worth a listen.

We Your People, Ours the Journey

These are the sermons of Rebecca Clark, aka @pastorbecca, a Methodist pastor in the US. I really enjoy her sincere, sensible and common sense lessons which take cognisance of the world as it is today. If you’re looking for a decent spiritual podcast you can’t go wrong with this one.

The ZA Tech Show

There are a number of local tech focussed shows these days, and many of them are quite good, but I find the ZATS to be particularly entertaining and informative. This is due in no small part to the regular involvement of  Simon Dingle, Jon Tullet, Brett Haggard and Duncan McCleod, collectively some of the best informed individuals in the local ICT industry today-well they do a damned good job of pretending to be at least ;)

[Update 02/05/2009]

I got a call from WebAfrica yesterday, and it seems they keep an ear very close to the ground when it comes to people talking their service levels. They picked up on my mention of downtime in this post and decided to give me a discount on my bill for last month.

Nicely done WebAfrica, once again I’m reminded why I’ve enjoyed using your services for the last 3 years and recommended you to others on many occasions.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Thank you for listening, and for your wonderful review of my sermons. I'm so tickled!


Flint said...

It's an absolute pleasure, thank YOU for the great teachings. Pity you're an ocean away or I'd attend a couple in person :)


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