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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Pond gets refilled

Since Noelle has decided to do a bit of blogosphere marketing for The Pond, I thought I would follow suite. The Pond is a discussion forum that surfaced years ago after some silly politics at a well known local gaming forum. It doesn't have any real thematic focus, with the only common threads amongst members being their roughly similar age and their ability to hold a lively and relevant (as well as grammatically correct) debate. As Noelle puts it:

You'll find a smallish group of twenty- to thirty-something South Africans who enjoy everything from video games to movies to cross-stitch to wine to political discussions, and much much more.

The forum has just been moved to a new server and board technology, accompanied by a fresh coat of paint. So if you feel you would enjoy a bit of intelligent discussion over topics as diverse as pop culture, current events and needlework then hop on by and have a look around-just be sure to bring your thesaurus and dictionary :)



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