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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Go, Go, Green!

I just had to mention a pair of inspiring posts that appeared on two of the blogs I subscribe to.

Idiot advertisers

Hank from the EcoGeek blog posted a statement to the U.S. Coal Lobby, who's banner advertising 'clean coal' ended up on the blog for a couple of hours. The statement is quite powerful, and I love the first line:

"'re not green. You're full of crap."

Having grown up in a (stinky, smoggy, asthma-inducing) coal mining town I can only agree with every word. Sad then that Eskom is focusing on coal power moving forward to solve our electricity crisis.

You CAN make a difference

Then there's Colin from the NoImpactMan blog that posted an inspiring rant about how we optimists can make a difference. Despite all the nay-sayers and skepticism, our faith in humanity and belief that things can be better are not wasted. Screw realism, stick to optimism. A choice quote from that post:

"I believe in the goodness of human nature. I believe we can get distracted by many things, but that, ultimately, we all want to do what is best. Because that is true of people, I believe we can make the planet better for all of us, that we can have peace, feed the hungry and end war."



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