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Friday, December 14, 2007

I had to laugh..

When I checked my RSS feeds and saw the latest comment on my Xbox's blog:

Flint ZA's Xbox - 12/9/2007
It really feels like forever since I have felt the sweet surge of power running through my belly. Is there a nationwide power outage that Flint ZA isn't telling me about? Email me if there is a blackout... oh... wait...
Actually, as luck would have it Eskom is playing silly buggers with us at the moment. We have had two 'load shedding' sessions of two hours each at home this week, and traffic in some parts of Gauteng has been even more congested than usual thanks to the incredibly smart people at Eskom's planning department designating key areas like Sandton and the center of Pretoria for load shedding in rush hour. To all of you wonderful foreign tourists planning on visiting in 2010 to cheer your teams on-bring a torch and lots of batteries :P



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