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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mobile webcam

How many uses can a single device have!? :)

I have been meaning to test this for ages, but only got to it (at last) today during lunch. WWIGO is a really smart combination of PC and Symbian software that allows you to use your bluetooth capable Symbian camera phone as a webcam (provided you have bluetooth connectivity for your pc of course). I tested it out with my N95 and Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger for most sane people), and then with YouTube's Quickcapture. Youtube seems to force the detail down or something, but you get the idea. And no, don't expect to get a glimpse of me in this video :p

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Richard G said...

very cool, we've put the story up on the Nseries WOM World :)

mwgrl5 said...

How smooth of a process was this for you because it's not working for me. I'm not sure where the error is. Just wondering if you pulled this off without a hitch. Thanks!

Flint said...

No I wouldn't say it went down without a hitch ;)
I ran into two problems, the first was that the software doesn't support some of the proprietary bluetooth drivers (for example those of the DLink dongle I'm using). To fix that, you can hunt around a bit for ways to get branded Bluetooth equipment to use the default Windows drivers-but expect to fiddle with Windows settings files.
Second was that you can't have the webcam connection to two different applications-and the setup app counts as an application. So run their app once to be sure you're getting a connection, then run the MSN/Skype/whatever webcam setup to be sure you get a connection there. Then close that, and when you have a chat window open, you can 'start' the webcam, and connect from the app on your phone.
The manual that comes with WWIGO is fairly helpful, have a look at that-and if all else fails, email them :)

Vivek said...

Since I dont have a bluetooth software on my phone I am looking something that works on a wireless network?

Flint said...

Do you mean over GPRS/3G or over WiFi?
I seem to remember seeing something like that somewhere for use over GPRS, but unless you have a cell contract with unlimited or super cheap data use I'd stay away from something like that. Sending video like that over your cellular provider's network could turn out to be an expensive exercise.

Anonymous said...

I just downloaded wwigo and installed on the pc. it then offered to send the mobile part of the application to my N95. i accepted its offer and started both programs and clicked connect. from download to install - 3 mins flat wireless webcam.



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