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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Van Gogh in The Matrix

Virtual Starry Night ComparisonWith all the emphasis on the clubs, malls and sexual activity of Second Life in the media these days, you'd swear that was all it was about. Of course early critics of the web also managed to limit themselves to the negative aspects and ignored the rapidly growing body of educational material that was developing. Today I saw another great example of the educational and cultural potential of Second Life.

The Virtual Starry Night Virtual Starry Night Bridge Viewmuseum in Luctesa is a showcase of Vincent van Gogh's works. In addition to a traditional walk-through gallery containing all his paintings (with informative note cards accompanying each one), there are 3D realizations of some of them, complete with impressionist style texturing. One of these is the 'Night Cafe' foyer of the museum pictured here, and the 'Bridge in the Rain' joining it to the main exhibit. This is a prime example of a creative way of exposing new generations to classical works, and well worth a visit.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Flint!
Great article about our museum! We really appreciate you're attention to the museum in your blog.

Do visit someday again, we have some new 3D recreations :-)

Hope to see you at the museum!

Best regards,

Liza Gibbs
Host of the Virtual van Gogh Museum


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