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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Petition for official Xbox Live support in SA

It was only a matter of time before this happened. The frustration of South African Xbox 360 owners that have had to jump through hoops and resort to what essentially amounts to credit card fraud to enjoy the benefits of Xbox Live has finally led to the creation of an open letter/petition to Microsoft to provide official Xbox 360 Live support in South Africa. PS3 owners get official support, so why not us? Sign it here:

And Digg it here:
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Simon Munro said...

My R0.02 on

Andrew said...

I sent this too dave (way back) then forgot to ask if he did anything about it :(

Flint said...

His name is on the list ;)

To update this, Cindy White issued a statement regarding Live being rolled out here:,,2-13-1443_2110645,00.html

Of course her comments about Xbox 360 still being a full on next gen experience is a bit upsetting.
We all know that Live is one of the biggest next gen elements of the 360. Without Live, it simply doesn't have the same value prospects.


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