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Friday, May 04, 2007

Oy vey

Sheesh, yet another month with no significant posting. Same shit different day I'm afraid. Oh well, let me keep it simple and text based..

On the work and home life side of things, nothing much has changed. We've been very busy at work trying to finish off the project (the milestone deployment in Cape Town had mixed results, and over that week we racked up almost 30 hours in overtime). We've been very lucky in terms of going away. For our anniversary Natz and I went for a nice stress-free weekend out at my dad's place in the bush (minus Dad of course ;) ). Easter weekend was spent down at the Vaal with family and that was a great jol. It's the first time all the cousins on that side of the family have been together in a long time, and we had a great time. One of the boyfriends even brought along a couple of crayfish and some awesome salmon steaks-just the way to suck up in this family =D We actually had leftover crayfish! Then this last (long) weekend we joined Natz sister and her fiance at his house down at the coast.. that was great for the first couple of days, but a massive domestic between the two of them kind of spoiled the weekend-to the point of us all leaving early and spending 6 hours in complete silence on the drive back. Fun. Their wedding is next week, so I really hope they sort their issues out soon, the stress it's putting on poor Natz is just horrible.

Game wise, Natz is utterly addicted to Guitar Hero 2 and we're having a ball with the multiplayer. It's a great game, though the song selection is maybe a bit too samey with an excessive focus on very heavy rock and death metal. I finished GRAW 2 for review, and the multiplayer has been awesome on Live, it's just a pity there aren't more locals playing it. I've been playing C&C3 on the PC in bits and pieces, and thats really awesome. I think we have the new RTS champion :)

On the second life side of things, I have managed to squeeze in a couple of half hour lunch time sessions at work and make a little progress on things. I'm pretty firmly indented as a tiny now, and very rarely revert to my human avatar. I have a handful of items I have created and put up for sale, you can actually check them out on slboutique, though I get way more sales in-world. I also met another South African in SL for the first time ever-someone that owns two islands no less! SL itself seems to have become a lot more stable since a recent major update, though there are some lingering messaging issues. This is apparently a traditional quiet period in the year for SL, so hopefully Linden Labs will get a bit of time to bang some of the issues out and streamline things.

Right, now lets hope I dont go another month without posting.. it's just not cricket ;)



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