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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Split personality

Well, here are the new shots from SL I wanted to Post. There are more similar ones on my flickr, but these get the point across :) They were all taken at an incredible location in SL called 'The Lost Gardens or Apollo'.
The first is what my 'normal' avatar has basically settled down to. Besides the funky 'prim' hair, I got a really cool set of hi res eyes (yes, you can replace your eyes, and yes there are some unusual variations-I just didn't want to go for them) and 'flexi' wings that are scripted so they can do things like quiver, flap and enfold. The 'flexi' bit means they react to my own movements, basically like cloth.

Next up is the cel-shade black devil cat I got when I decided to try and view the world from a 'Tiny' perspective. It turns out I didn't read the description as well as I should have, because it's actually only a little smaller than a 'normal' avatar at about five feet. Still, it's nice to have as an alternative to 'normal' me, and it's just so comical to watch.. I shall call him squishy!

And finally, the tiny avatar I did get. Yeah it's cute, I looked at other tinies, but all the 'non cute' ones are really badly made and look rubbish. I even looked at a mogwai one (being a tiny Gizmo would be awesome) but they looked really lame. So I went for an orange cat, kind of in 'tribute' to my old cat Carat. It's been interesting to see people's reaction to the new avatar. Social barriers totally disintegrate when you're a knee high furball ;)



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