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Friday, September 22, 2006

The final countdown

I feel like a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders now that my app has at last been demo'd to the 'public' at the Africa Aerospace show. It's not finished yet, and it is only one part of a massive system, but the fact that I have finally 'delivered' something after almost a year of working at 5DT is a huge relief. Now that the AAS deadline is over for us (those that aren't still down there that is) things have settled down a bit, an I can think of other things.

Natz isn't well :(
Unfortunately Natz got admitted to hospital for a lupus attack while I was down in CT, so I've been quite worried about her. Thankfully the boss let me fly back a bit earlier to be there for her, and she was discharged on Saturday, though she's still not 100% and will be getting some bedrest through to next week. Just as well I have a few days leave next week to stay home and spoil her a bit ;)

360 invite., originally uploaded by FlintZA.

Rage and the 360!!
On the positive side, rAge is next week, as well as the local launch of the Xbox 360. This is a photo of my invite to the (exclusive) launch party. Friends in high places, gotta love 'em ;) Next weekend is gong to be awesome! Between the launch, rAge, getting my 360, and finally meeting a couple of the people I have been chatting to online for ages, I doub't I'll be getting much sleep at all! The only thing that has me worried is the dress code for the launch, it's 'Urban Extreme' and I tend to wear clothes that fit. Where the hell will I find pants ten sizes too big for me! :p



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