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Monday, March 20, 2006

Playing Catch-up

Wow! It’s been a while since I last posted.. What with our wedding just over a week away (no, I’m nervous, before you ask), things have been insanely hectic. As if wedding arrangements weren’t bad enough, we have been moving into our new home in drips and drabs. This included a very unfortunate experience, dealing with one of the most unprofessional companies I have ever had the extreme displeasure of being in contact with.

We’re not moving!

About a month ago, I contacted a removals company called Eezimove, to request a quote for some of our furniture to be moved from Petit to our new place in Elarduspark. For the next two weeks, while dealing with ‘Yolandi’, the consultant handling my ‘case’, I never mentioned any date other than the 5th of March. Well, a few days before the move is supposed to happen, on the 28th of Feb, I received my quote from Yolandi, I immediately sent an email confirming the quote for the 5th, I did not notice that she had dated the quote for the 6th (without mentioning it to me). Since I did not receive a response from her that day, I called the following day to ensure that all was ok with the move, another consultant informed me that there were still lots of available ‘slots’ for the 5th, so it should be fine.

The next day (the 2nd) I received a mail from Yolandi informing me that they do not do removals on Sundays. A bit late to be telling me this, don’t you think? Well I called around, and all the other removal companies I contacted wanted to charge an additional R1500 levy to move us on a Sunday, so I rather arranged the move for the following Saturday, the 11th, for 14:00. at 13:00 that day I headed off to Petit to get everything ready. At 14:00 I received a call from Yolandi requesting directions-her guys were just leaving Joburg. No biggie, I could handle them being an hour or so late.. I wish it had been an hour.

At 15:00 I started trying to call on Eezimove’s ‘emergency number’ (and on their main office line). I eventually got an answer an hour later, and Yolandi expressed her surprised that the truck had not yet arrived, she promised to find out what was going on and contact me. That was the last time I spoke to her that day. Between 16:30 and 18:00 I continued calling the number, with no answer, I left a number of messages, but no-one got back to me. Eventually at 18:30, Natalie and I gave up and headed back to Pretoria. At 19:00, we get a call from the driver of the truck-he’s outside and can we please open up for him. At 19:00, five hours late!

I Told the driver we were now in Pretoria, and he would have to contact his manager and get her to call me and make arrangements for the next day. That was apparently my biggest mistake.

The next day at about 8:00, my Mom called the emergency number (she loves this kind of stuff). After a brief and polite (from my Mom’s side) conversation in which my Mom asked Yolandi what she planned to do to fix the situation, Yolandi put the phone down on her! She called, and obviously Yolandi recognized the number and ignored her, she left a message stating that she would go to the local newspaper if the move was not carried out that day. Later in the day, at about 10, I called myself, and after what became a very heated discussion during which Yolandi accused me of chasing away her moving crew and failing to make an arrangement for the next day (that’s her job, isn’t it), she equally rudely put the phone down on me. I, too left a message, but at that point it was farting in the wind.

On Monday I tried to contact the manager at Eezimove, but apparently he was on leave and failed to leave anyone in charge. No wonder the service was a joke. On Tuesday, Yolandi requested my details for a refund. I think I’ve received the refund, but I have yet to receive so much as an apology from Yolandi, never mind her management! If you ever have to move anything in Pretoria or Joburg, do yourself a favour and avoid Eezimove like the plague!

Family first?

I’m getting married next Saturday. That date (and the time- 16:30) has been set for almost a year. Last week my Mom informed me that my sister will be leaving early (right after the service) to take part in a performance in Pretoria. Lovely, my own damned sister won’t be in the photos, and will miss the speeches, and the first dance which Natalie have only been working our asses off on since the beginning of the year. Aint life grand.



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