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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Harvest

The Harvest is a Luma Arcade developed and Microsoft Game Studios published title under development for the upcoming Windows Phone 7 platform. The game is developed in C# using Microsoft's XNA set of API's on top of the .Net Compact Framework. The high production quality bar for a game on a (not yet final) mobile platform meant serious work on squeezing every ounce of performance out of the engine. In addition to the usual engineering challenges of developing a truly AAA 3D title, and working closely with the MGS publishing team in a senior role, this project gave me the incredible opportunity to visit Microsoft in Seattle to work with them directly on performance challenges, gameplay and usability fine tuning, audio balancing and more. 

On a future Earth, the invading alien Harvesters use humans and animals to create cyborgs: crude amalgamations of flesh and machinery. Mankind, in the form of the Global Defence Force, now fights a war against The Harvesters using human controlled mechanized infantry units. As a member of the GDF army, you have been sent to investigate reported Harvester activity in the ruins of an ancient city once used as a military base. As you explore, fight off wave after wave of The Harvester horde, find hidden upgrades, and defeat imposing enemy boss units in order to return Earth to its rightful inhabitants.
Designed from the ground up to be the best looking 3-D mobile phone game to date, The Harvest™ features innovative touch screen gameplay, along with visceral combat, and opportunities for exploration, character customization, and more. This action RPG experience is an Xbox LIVE-enabled game for Windows Phone 7, and will immerse you into a deep and intriguing story where it is vital that the GDF is victorious.

For videos of The Harvest in action, see the recently posted playthroughs on

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