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Monday, December 14, 2009

Some minor changes, please update your RSS reader!

I'm beginning the process of "rebranding" myself across all web presences, losing the FlintZA moniker and using my real name. As part of this process, I'm also shifting to posterous as my primary blogging platform. It's been set up to forward posts to blogger, so this blog will still get all new blog post content, but I've switched my feedburner feed to use the posterous feed instead, which may include additional stuff such as image posts.
For anyone reading this on RSS this means that if you're using one of the or feeds, things should stay pretty much the same. If you're using the more recent feed, you'll likely end up seeing some additional content (image posts, etc). If you're not using the feedburner feed, please switch to that as it let's me indulge the bean-counter in me and track subscriber stats :)

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