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Thursday, August 13, 2009

We will resume normal programming shortly..

The last six weeks or so have been really rough. Our (as yet unannounced) Xbox title is on the verge of release. As any game developer (and many other programmers) will tell you, end of project is pretty much a time in your life where everything other than work ceases to exist. Things are finally winding down a bit though (though the PS3 implementation will keep us busy), so I've finally had a chance to get some home geekiness done. I'll be at the coast this weekend, but next week I should be able to get a post done on my recent FreeNAS installation.

Until then, the only thing I have to say is: congrats Paulus and Liques, I'm sure you guys brought an amazing little one into the world, and the world is already a better place as a result :) Congrats!

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