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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dove, good for your skin-or is it?

We've all seen the Dove ads on TV, typical soap and cosmetics fare with slow motion views of beautiful woman using Dove on their flawless skin and proclaiming the difference it has made and how much healthier their skin looks and feels.

Well it turns out that's a really short lived effect. Global warming has this pesky habit of drying out your skin, no matter how much dove you apply to it. As it turns out that lovely moisturizing bar is contributing heavily to deforestation (to make space for palm oil plantations) which is in turn releasing huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere and removing the means to process it.

GreenPeace, Friends of the Earth, and other organizations are running a campaign to get Unilever, manufacturers of Dove and many other popular consumer brands that utilize palm oil from unsustainable sources, to call for a stop to such deforestation and instead buy from responsible suppliers.

Watch their video on the problem below, and then visit their action page to see how you can help!


Andrew said...

Did you every find a conservation group? I keep thinking I should try and do something for the wetlands in my area and then never take it further than a vague search.

ps: The greenpeace ocean link is dead.

Flint said...

I did find a cause-sort of. I got chatting to someone here at work, and they told me about the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve south of Joburg. They have an active committee of people that gets involved there, cleaning up and so on. I'm going on Saturday for their bird walk to check the place out and see if I can chat to someone about getting involved. That should be a good start, but at some stage I also want to get involved with someone like Groundwork SA.

Thanks for the heads up about the link.. but which one are you talking about? The Greenpeace links in the sidebar are generated by a code widget they provide, so if one of the links is wrong there's not much I can do about it.

Andrew said...

The link is: ""

'fraid I won't be able to join you this saturday, but please do keep me posted!



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