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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Revamped and rearing to go

I've installed a new template (as you've most likely noticed if you aren't reading this in a feed reader). This has taken quite some time, so I won't have anything 'useful' to post before next week-when I hope to post on the use of RSS feeds to control your browsing. I do have two short notes though:

I have been diligently practicing my Tai Chi since February and I'm really enjoying it, though I'd really like to start taking lessons again. As luck would have it, an actual Shaolin monk has taken up residence in Benoni and is offering martial arts lessons-including Tai Chi. How cool is that.

The other thing is less positive. I have been doing a lot of reflection and realized that I want to become an active environmentalist-a passion of mine when I was younger that I lost touch with. Do you think I can find an organization anywhere nearby that I can work with? Not a damn! So yeah, suggestions would be welcome.



Clay Collins | The Growing Life said...

That's great that you're getting so much out of your Tai Chi practice. Best wishes!

Flint said...

Thanks, yeah it brings me a lot of relaxation and happiness.

Day Dreamer said...

Hi I would love to do Tai Chi but am struggling to find an instructor in Benoni. Do you perhaps have the contact details for this monk?
Please contact me on if you do.

Thanks a mil.

Flint said...

I'll drop you a mail with the details :) I think it's about time I actually start classes again so I'm sure we'll run into each other :)


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