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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Nokia loses it's way again

It looks like someone had to go and ruin the customer service good start which Microsoft and Nimbuzz started. Last month I updated my N95 to the latest firmware to take advantage of the sorely needed memory management improvements, and it really did the trick. Unfortunately it came with some nasty Nokia Maps related surprises.
The first was that the incredibly useful tracking functionality had been removed. This allowed you to plan a route, show it on the map, and then have the GPS track your location. In the absence of a (premium) voice prompt service subscription, this was an effective way to navigate with the GPS. This is now gone, possibly to force owners of the (already expensive) N95 and other GPS model phones to pay for a subscription to the prompt service (at around R800 for the year). Mean, sneaky move on Nokia's part.
The second issue, which has now rendered the GPS all but useless for me, is their new PC Map loader software. The entire Nokia suite has been 'upgraded' to use the new .Net framework, and besides the issues this introduces as ranted about by, this makes it impossible for me to use the application. Why? Well because it seems Microsoft can't manage to keep their updates website functional, and for the last week at least (that's how long I've been trying) which hosts the installer has been on the fritz!
Honestly, if I were running Microsoft, I'd fire everyone but the Xbox (software) and Windows Live Writer teams and start from scratch! No wonder Bill is bugging out soon..



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