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Friday, August 17, 2007


I have a nifty new toy to complement my N95, W850i, or any other Bluetooth-enabled phone I want to use safely while driving. Through the same generous donor that I got the N95 from, I've got a Blueant Supertooth Lite hands free kit. I've been using the device all week, and I cam really impressed with every aspect of it.

Setup of the Supertooth Light was ridiculously simple, just hold down a button and search for devices to pair with on the phone. After that (assuming you allow auto-connection) reconnection is a simple case of turning on Bluetooth on the phone and turning on the Supertooth. The included clip slips easily onto your sun visor, and thanks to the small magnets on the Supertooth the unit can be attached and detached with absolutely zero hassle.

Day to day use is just as simple as the initial setup. When your phone rings, the ringtone plays through the Supertooth's speaker as well, and answering is as simple as pressing the big answer button (which is conveniently backlit at night). Phone voice prompts are supported as well, so once voice prompted quick-dialing is set up on the phone, it automatically works on the Supertooth-triggered by holding down the call button for a second. While it obviously isn't stereo and I would hardly use it for listening to music, listening to podcasts using the Supertooth as an external speaker is great too. The one criticism I have of the unit's design is the volume controls-due to the Supertooth's orientation while in use on your car visor, it's difficult to see the +/- markings. At night it is completely impossible. Otherwise it's a wonderfully easy to use piece of kit that really does it's job well.

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tripeak said...

Yup - nifty little gadget... I have the ORIGINAL version of this and it's been going strong for 3 years now. :)


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