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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Spore creature editor at rAge

Spore creature editor, originally uploaded by FlintZA.

I just wanted to quickly post this pic of the Spore creature editor for those that might find it interesting. EA had a demo of it running at rAge behind closed doors in their press room, and they were nice enough to give us a demo (not hands on). The editor does have a simple test mode that opens up a small world and lets you move the creature around in it and see how it behaves, but it's not anything complex with other models or anything.
The editor itself appears to be extremely straightforward and intuitive, and the EA employe demoing for us seemed to be having great fun with it and claimed to find it as enjoyable as the editors in The Sims -which she is apparently a great fan of.
I convinced her to progress the creature past the obvious configuration presented here, and it handled some really wierd limb combinations surprisingly well.
I can't wait to get my hands of the final version of this-I only hope it's coming to the 360!


Lord Spaceman said...

Spore is a title I've been waiting for, for a looooong time. The whole concept is just so...awesome.

Sad thing though is that some places ( is reporting it's release date October 2007, but others March 2007 - so it's still a long wait.

I think it's originally designed for PC, but they may port it over to XBOX 360.

Flint said...

As far as I have been able to pick up, it seems it will be released late in 2007.
There has also been mention of at least parts of the game being ported to other devices, including the DS and mobiles. They apparently want to try and ensure that even these scaled down versions have some kind of interaction with the main online game database, so I'm sure the 360 will be a prime target. MS is already punting inter-system multiplayer, and Live is already perfectly suited for a game like spore.


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