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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Change of plans

We had a long weekend in South Africa this weekend as Friday was ‘Youth Day’. In addition to this Natalie and I took leave yesterday to spend some time together, so I really haven’t had a chance to be online since Thursday. I had intended to spend lunch today writing a nice long post including commentary on Google Analytics, Google Spreadsheet and the newest version of Google Maps. Unfortunately Natalie was in an accident this morning on the N1, so I had to rush of to see to her (she’s ok, but the car is most likely a write-off) and I’ve missed too many work hours to spend on a long post. I’ll try get it done tomorrow afternoon, but no promises ;)



Justin Paver said...

Gah, that bloody N1. I hate it and I'm not even in the same country as it.

Glad Natz is alright!

Flint said...

Thanks, so am I :) Her neck is a bit stiff, but the casualty doc wasn't too concerned and just said that if it should persist she must come in for X-Rays.
And yeah, that damned highway is a nightmare. FYI (since you're not in Sunny SA anymore to see the headlines), it looks as if all major Gauteng roads will be tolled by 2008, including the N1. The Roads Agency is looking at implementing some kind of automatic toll system (i.e. no plazas).
As if the damned petrol price hikes weren't already doing enough damage :(
Your new pic is a big improvement on the old one BTW :p

Justin Paver said...

Yeah, I finally got a digital camera! And someone to take a photo of me ;)


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