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Friday, May 12, 2006

More E3 goodness

And here are a few more E3 items of interest..

Will Wright on a couple of things
GameSpy's Steven Kent had the privelage of interviewing Will Wright over breakfast at E3. He has some interesting things to say, in particular a very telling comment about the Wii which indicates that it's control fidelity differs based on distance from the sensor..

PS3 no longer the slimmer option
Xbox365 is carrying a couple of user created composites comparing the PS3's form factor to that of the Xbox 360-and the mockup shown at last year's E3. It seems it has definitely given up the size advantage, being even bigger than Microsoft's console. The site seems to be extremely overloaded, so you may have to refresh a few times..

She's blonde, can you blame her?
Millionaire socialite and heiress (not to mention impromptu porn and 'reality show' star) Paris Hilton, managed to add many grey hairs to the heads of GameLoft execs when she showed up late for the launch of her new mobile game Paris Hilton's Jewel Jam and mistakenly referred to it as Diamond Quest. What do people see in this brainless anorexic ditz?

No Handheld for Microsoft
Discounting a claim in The Xbox 360 Uncloaked the recen't book by Dean Takahashi, that half of Microsoft's Xbox 360 hardware development team had shifted their focus to develop a handheld console, Microsoft's Neil Thompson instead insisted that they were focusing on mobile (ie PDA and Cellphone) gaming instead

Enough now.. I'm heading home so that's it for this post.



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