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Friday, June 02, 2006

Still slightly addicted.. and playing lots of games!

Beat it..
I really struggled to keep to my targets this week. Wednesday was my birthday (yaaay, party!) and I just couldn't keep my mind on work, and as a result I slipped back into some bad habits which continued through till yesterday. I managed to get things back under control today though. I'm keeping my goals for next week the same as this week, and then next friday I will set out my final goals:
-Check email when I arrive at work, lunch, 4pm and possibly before going home.
-Check RSS streams when I arrive and at lunchas well as while compiling/building. Links may only be followed at lunch, or after work.
-Only check forums and reply at lunch or after work.
-Only IM at lunch and after 2PM.
-Only blog and Flickr at lunch Monday to Thursday, and after 4pm on Friday. During builds preparing posts in a text file is acceptable.
-Update podcasts when I arrive and at lunch. Watch short videos immediately, copy the rest to PSP and listen to/watch them at home.

Xbox classics
I'm currently on a bit of a mission to complete the Xbox 1 games I own that won't run on the 360, and I've been making really good progress. In the last two weeks I have completed X-Men: Legends and Prince of Persia:Sands of Time, both of which were excellent and highly recommendable. I'm currently working through The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, and I can honestly say it's one of the best games I have ever played in terms of pacing and general entertainment. I'd like to spend some time writing up reviews of each of these games, so perhaps in the coming weeks I'll post them.

As I mentioned, it was my birthday on Wednesday. Natalie really spoiled me on the day with some nice cologne, Kalua chocolates, a warm stress reliever pillow thing. I've yet to use the pillow since she's been using it-it must be very stressful being married to me ;) She also spoiled me with a copy of SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo on the PSP. It is a tactical shooter in the vein of Ghost Recon, and is closely linked with the series by the same name on the PlayStation 2. I haven't had much time to play it, but what I've played so far has been very good. Graphically I think the game could do with a bit more polish, but the gameplay is excellent and the novel implementation of shooter controls on the PSP (with it's single analog control) is surprisingly good. I'll hopefully put up a full review some time in the future.

Xbox 360 in SA
There still hasn't been any significant news regarding the launch of the 360 in South Africa, and many in the community are starting to worry that we may see a repeat of the fiasco surrounding the phantom Xbox 1 launch. Other than a very non-committal statement immediately following Bill Gates' E3 announcement that the 360 would hit SA shores 'before november 2006', MS South Africa has been surprisingly tight lipped. Lets hope they get the hype machine going sometime soon, or they may be in for a very rough ride against the incredibly popular PlayStation brand in this country.
At least there's now a dedicated (independant) Xbox 360 community site in SA:


Andre Odendaal said...

When I quizzed MS about thier attendance at rAge and them hopefully presenting the 360, the room went very cold and exicited chatter turned to silence. Could this be a possible clue of release dates?

When Steve Balmer was out in South Africa last year Octobet he promised the 360 within 12 months. Steve breaking his promise would cast serious light on the local Microsoft's team to commitment.

BTW, I think you're taking your online life WAY too seriously! You need to accept that a digital activities are part of everyday life; from blogging to playing games to listening to music on your ipod. Take a buddhist "middle path" attitude to it cause you're just going to fustrate yourself trying to keep to self-imposed rule.

Justin Paver said...

Yes, Buddha teaches us that life is all about balance. But I think you've struck a good balance with your program. Your program is pretty much what I do nowadays :)

BTW. with regards to the Chronicles of Riddick. I believe it to be the most advanced rendering engine on the XBox - including Doom3 & Halo 2. It is a fanstastic looking game, and the only thing that differs between the PC and console version is a couple of texture's resolution seems to be smaller.

Flint said...

Sure, it's normal to have some line of online 'life' but the point is that mind was taking over and having a negative effect on my productivity. this week it's a bit of a moot point since i'm bedridden (i'm posting from a hospital bed using my cellphone).
Besides Riddick's incredible rendering engine, it sets itself apart in a number of other ways as well.

Lord Spaceman said...

Speaking of online life, are you a Guild Wars player by any chance, Matt? If, that's my Guild.

Flint said...

Nope, no MMOs for me. I don't have broadband at home.. and if I did I'd be using it to play on Xbox Live!


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